Bring The Club to you

The Curling Club, renowned for being London’s most exciting festive pop-up is thrilled to formally unveil its latest venture: Rent-A-Curl. Bring the energy and competitive spirit of The Winter Olympic’s favourite sport to your party, now!

TCC’s best-kept secret for a long time has been our ability to bring sheets, stones and epic curling coaches to the fans around the UK- and that won’t be kept a secret any longer. There are few sports more inclusive, exciting and competitive than Iceless Curling, and now it’s ready to slide straight onto your doorstep. 

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Who needs curling?

Floor curling can be marketed to a variety of audiences, leveraging different aspects of the activity to appeal to different groups. Here are some potential target audiences:

Corporate Events and Team Building: Companies looking for engaging and inclusive team-building activities for their employees. Teamwork, communication, and camaraderie are fostered by Iceless Curling

Community and Recreational Centers: Market floor curling to community centers, recreation clubs, and retirement communities as a fun and accessible activity for people of all ages and abilities. Emphasize its inclusivity and the social benefits of participating in a friendly, non-competitive sport.

Universities, Schools and Youth Organizations: Iceless Curling harks back to arguably the oldest sport in the world- and it was born in The UK! It requires patience and teamwork. It is as egalitarian and inclusive as a sport can be. It is truly fun.

Event Planners and Party Rentals: All you need is a flat surface and at least 2 people- then the party starts itself. With several different games to play on the sheet, the guests will be transfixed by the novelty and competition that curling brings. Able to be played indoors and outdoors, you may struggle to get the guests off the sheet.

Shopping Centres, Tourist Destinations and Resorts: Curling is as quintessentially British as can be. Bring that spark to your venue and watch guests revel in the family-friendly fun. 

 Why we love this game

Inclusivity: Unlike traditional curling, Iceless-Curling doesn’t require any prior experience or special equipment, making it accessible to everyone regardless of age or physical ability. This inclusivity fosters team spirit and ensures that everyone can participate and have fun.

Team Building: Iceless-Curling encourages teamwork, communication, and strategizing as teams work together to aim their stones and score points. It promotes collaboration among colleagues and helps strengthen relationships in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

Healthy Competition: While the game is fun and lighthearted, it still involves a level of competition that can motivate players and encourage friendly rivalry. 

Physical Activity: Engaging in physical activity releases endorphins and boosts mood, making Iceless-Curling a great way to break the ice and energize attendees. 

Entertainment Value: Iceless-Curling is truly entertaining to watch and play. It can serve as a focal point for an event, keeping attendees engaged and entertained throughout the gathering. The people love sport- give them what they want.

Low Cost and Logistics: Unlike some other team-building activities, once our sheets are set up, they require very little upkeep. The simplicity and robust equipment are brilliant for keeping costs dow